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Project Description
The aim of SRSS (Semantic RSS Reader) project is, redesigning the standart RSS Reader applications by the help of Web 3.0 standarts and Semantic Web features. With SRSSR i try to develop a rss source reader by the help of news meaning and try to understand the meaning of news by the SRSSR.

User Guide:

1. Users can refresh all subject by clicking the File -> Refresh All Source menu item. Also you can use right click on the rss feeds panel to expand, colapse or refresh feeds.

2. Users can also refresh, add or delete one feed by right clicking on it.

3. Users can choose one news and click the trace button to find the similar news of it in all feed database. Users can choose multiple news to trace and can see the news which are traced by the system, File -> View Traced News menu item.

4. Clear Result list menu item clears all the result of feeds after refreshing.

5. Traced news can also be deleted by right clicking on it.

Developed By: Ali Rıza Babaoğlan /

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